Come challenge yourself to climb our 10m or 6 m high outdoor climbing wall. All ages welcome.

Outdoors Day at Clarens Xtreme with Clarens Primary Poster Winners

Early on Thursday morning before school had even started, several students having observed the rangers on their patrols quizzed them in order to find out whether the rangers were indeed taking the teams with the winning recycling posters to Clarens Xtreme. The students clearly couldn’t wait for their day away from school. A little while later the rangers, 6 Working on Fire team members and the Working on Fire truck arrived at the gates of Clarens Primary. Within moments the 8 wining students from grade 2 and 5 winners from grade 6 were aboard the truck and on their way.

On arrival at Clarens Xtreme, the students were treated to quad biking, zip-lining and Put-put. Ollie Esplin was kind enough to sponsor the Put-put and zip-lining for all the students, whilst the Clarens Village Conservancy sponsored quad-biking.  Although all of the students seemed to enjoy the quad-biking, one young student could not help but smile broadly for the entire duration of her ride.

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Bring over your family and friends to the Clarens Xtreme adventure zone in town for a great time. We are easy to find, 300 m from the main entrance to town. Just look out for the giant CX sign.

We have almost all our adventures on site, as well as a coffee shop, cocktail bar and a cool deck to relax on. Were you wondering what to do in Clarens? Well, come and try one of the following activities – or all. White water rafting, guided quad bike outrides, adrenalin-pumping zip line, abseiling, action-packed paintball, archery, putt putt, a rock climbing wall or MTB rentals – or choose one of our special cultural day tours.

Our white water rafting is the best in SA. The Ash River just outside Clarens runs the whole year round at a high level and offers grade 4 rapids, scenic vegetation and outstanding birdlife.

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Don’t sit back and wonder what to do this summer. Get off your couch and get ready for the adventure of your life!!

Now I know this may be the adventure of your life - but I don’t actually think it’s mine. I am the extreme wimp; heights and white waters get my adrenaline going just thinking about it - or actually writing about it.

But don’t let that deter you - I have been told that this is one of the most amazing and challenging experiences. And if you are heading for the Eastern Free State this summer then don’t miss out on the white water rafting experience offered by Clarens Xtreme.

White Water Rafting is way more extreme than a dip in the ocean; it is one of the extreme sports just perfect for adrenaline junkies. The inflatable raft will have you rushing along on fast-moving streams, turbulent waters and rapids. One does have to keep a keen eye out for the obvious dangers like capsizing which could cause minor injuries - but then all extreme sports have to be tackled with caution.

 You are going to get very wet (probably from head to toe) so wear suitable clothing; waterproof would be best. Sneakers or tackies are just fine - but have an extra pair to travel home in. No hat needed as you will be supplied with a helmet and if you are bringing a camera - it should be waterproof. Put plenty of water-resistant sunblock on all exposed areas; this is South Africa and the summer sun is dangerous.

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White-water rafting in Clarens in the Free State is a 365-day option. The Ash River just outside this popular tourist town, where the rafting takes place, is fed by water from the Katse Dam in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, ensuring year-round high-water levels.

White-water rafting in Clarens in the Free State is all about crystal waters, adrenaline-pumping rapids and perhaps the most fun you can have on water in a day.

The adventure starts in Clarens, where you meet your guides, before driving 12km out of town to begin the day's (or half-day's, if you prefer) rafting down the Ash River.

And there's 'rapids and rafting for everyone', says Ollie Esplin, owner of Clarens Xtreme, which has been taking visitors down the river since 2005.

'Even if you have never done white-water rafting before, you can do it, and you don’t need to be fit,' he says. 'It's a young river and therefore it's a narrow river, where the current is pushing you the whole time, making it easy to navigate the six- to eight-person rafts we use.'

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