Clarens has a variety of mountain biking trails, the trick of course is to know where to go and where not to go. At Clarens Xtreme we are keen cyclist and have basically pedalled any possible track in and around Clarens. Below we have listed some of our easy accessible route options to go cycle, even at Fouriesburg because they got some amazing trails worth the drive.

To start you need a map, so come to our office bring your smart phone along and come take a picture of it or purchase a map for R45 (unfortunately we have no marked trails)


Village Loop 11km – 25Km

As the name says it is a loop that goes in and around our village ranging from village dirt road, single track some sand stone ridges and lekker technical down hills. Don’t let the distance fool you if you are tuff do it twice. The trail has been featured in the Tread magazine. Definitely the best to ride if you don’t have time or if you are in the mood for a short technical ride