Clarens Xtreme are the Great Adventure People. We are a team of energetic adventurers who are seeking to experience the real world with a grassroots approach to adventure and team building. We create amazing adventures that are meaningful and memorable. We invite you to join us on the path less travelled to experience something extraordinary.

How did it all start?

With a very inspired young man named Oliver Esplin. After returning from a working holiday in England in 1997,. Oliver was driven to share his passion and vision about adventures in an authentic and sustainable manner with others. As a police man at that stage he did not have any funds to start up an adventure company or money to go on adventures, so he made use of his experience from his youth to take people on adventures that got their heart's pumping with adrenalin. In 2005 with only enough money saved up to buy one small raft for river rafting, and using his personal bakkie, Clarens Xtreme was born. Clarens Xtreme started to operate in summer and closed down in winters were Oliver went to work at the Afri-Ski resort in Lesotho. With his passion for people Oliver soon realized the demand for more adventurous activities for people. What started off as a one-man show has grown to become one of the best adventure companies in the Eastern Free State.

Today Clarens Xtreme offers many different activities & group experiences. The choices are endless..– from a variety of adventure sports, cultural tours to family vacations and unique custom built expeditions & corporate packages. There is an adventure for everyone. If you have a lust of for life, and have an insatiable curiosity about experiencing the country we live in,.. then join us and embark on a quest for the extraordinary.

Our passion for people, adventure and culture drives us to uphold our motto “Carpe Diem”