Clarens Xtreme is attempting to become the greenest adventure company in Africa.

Why “Go green” well we think it is obvious, Mother earth, nature is being destroyed by its most intelligent being, or should we say “not so intelligent being 

We obviously know there is a lot of work to be done but like they say you must start somewhere.

So we started, firstly we decided to go of the grid, enough of the fossil fuel power we are 100% on solar power. We also started getting our recycling stations ready and now all our trash is going to our Village Conservancy’s recycle station which in turns create some more jobs and is looking after our environment.

Like everyone else we also decided that we are going to have a no straw policy going and now you can buy from us some stainless-steel straws in a CX branded bag with a cleaning brush that you can carry around anywhere.

Also on our Indemnity forms that every one has to sign before doing any activity we decided to get rid of the paper work, now you can do an online indemnity on our e tablets and get mailed your indemnity

There are still some planning going into our next moves but we will keep you posted on our social media platforms

Please remember our environment needs you